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Thoughts By Ora
An hour and 15 minutes Mar 10, 2019 Stories I sat with my aunt at the table, aware that her mouth was moving but oblivious of the sound that formed words. I could tell she was upset about The Memories We Make Mar 3, 2019 Stories I was on my way to see my father and I wasn’t sure why he had summoned me since we spoke at length about the family business yesterday evening. The Responsibility: Your Ability to Respond May 4, 2018 Thoughts One thing I learned growing up was how responsibility is synonymous to maturity and how it is one of the few qualities that distinguish an Attitude: The Right Way of Doing Things May 3, 2018 Thoughts There are certain things that define your personality and attitude-the right way of doing things is one of them. Attitude is much more than Natural Hair Journey: TWA Mar 31, 2018 Lifestyle What really is TWA? How low should it be? Click to find out more. Natural Hair Journey: 7 Things to Note Before You go Natural Mar 17, 2018 Lifestyle These are some of the things that has helped me (and still helping me) on my natural hair journey. Click to find out more. What Does It Mean To Give Someone Space Mar 14, 2018 Thoughts These are relatively some of the questions you may ask yourself or your partner when they request for ‘space’, and no, it doesn’t necessarily mean Relationship Status: It Is Complicated Mar 14, 2018 Thoughts A relationship is complicated when expectations between partners are unclear or undefined, and it can be emotionally, mentally and physically Natural Hair Journey: The Big Chop Mar 10, 2018 Lifestyle Here, I briefly discuss what the big chop is and why I opted for the big chop. Click to learn more. Strength in My Weakness Feb 25, 2018 Thoughts A friend and I were in a conversation about experiences and lessons learned when he asked what I would change if I could travel back in time. I Next page