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Eyes on the Prize

Eyes on the Prize

Image Source: Photo by Giorgio Trovato on Unsplash

Broken, splintered, cracked was she beneath the surface
Failure gave her hope…
The pressure, her drive
The pinnacle strengthened her faith

Refusing to cave into her fear
Refusing to give in, to give up
She continued unwavering
With her eyes on the prize

She didn’t want sympathy, so she spat on pity
Unladen with rue, the pain in her eyes
The marks of the many scars that mapped her skin
The lines in her hand, the tension she felt from within
Kept her light…
She continued
With her heart on the prize

There was no stopping now
She could almost touch it, taste it…
there was no hassle now

As she got closer, she felt lighter
Her hands numb, her feet broken
she was so close
She knew it, and she could feel it

Closer than she had ever been
she was there - just within the ace of the prize
Light as a feather, she felt airy
She was there, and so she felt
She touched, and she tasted…
Exploding into several stars
She realized she was the prize