Wardrobe: How to build a capsule wardrobe

Image source: Photo by Piotr Szulawski on UnsplashImage source: Photo by Piotr Szulawski on Unsplash

For a long time, I have been trying to create a collection of stylish and comfortable clothing that I can wear for various occasions and mix and match with other pieces in my closet without breaking the bank. Little did I know that this concept is called a capsule wardrobe, and I soon realized that I am not alone in this pursuit. One of my aunts suggested I start by investing in bottoms and, after that, tops. While that sounded like good advice at the time, it wasn’t sufficient.

I still thought of what to wear and came up with nothing, and it’s because I invested heavily in bottoms and not so much in tops! I quickly learned that there are various factors I should have taken into account, which I will discuss in more detail below.

So, what exactly is a capsule wardrobe?

It is an intentional selection of quality, timeless, versatile, and practical clothing items that can easily be mixed and matched to create multiple outfits.

Understanding your style

One crucial step is understanding yourself and how it relates to your style. Our clothing choices can be a form of self-expression. We can reflect who we are as individuals. For example, we may seek to express our individuality, creativity, and mood or project an image such as our profession. By understanding yourself and your style, you can make better decisions about clothing items to add or remove from your wardrobe.

Analysing your current wardrobe

The next step is to assess your current wardrobe, which involves taking inventory of what you currently have and deciding what to keep, give away, or recycle. Through this process, you will discover which items you wear on repeat, which hold sentimental value, and which items you haven’t worn in a while. Doing this will give you a better understanding of what you need to add and what your ideal wardrobe should be.

Sorting through

Now that you have an inventory of what you currently have, what you will be giving away, and what you will be recycling, the next thing is to define your style. You do this by taking a step back and reflecting on your current outfits and what they say about you. As we evolve or change scenery, our outfits also change. Therefore, it is important to consider questions such as: Are you comfortable with your current inventory? Do they reflect who you are? Do the color palette of your outfits complement each other? Are they versatile, timeless pieces that you can mix and match them? Do they fit your current location’s weather?

Key takeaway

The idea behind a capsule wardrobe is to consciously and intentionally have a selection of quality, timeless, versatile, and practical articles of clothing that you can easily mix and match. When adding more pieces to your clothing collection, it is important to consider other factors such as your lifestyle, daily activities, local weather, favorite style, and color palette. Additionally, think about key and statement pieces in your wardrobe.


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