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Wardrobe: How to build a capsule wardrobe Jan 22, 2023 Style For a long time, I have been trying to create a collection of stylish and comfortable clothing that I can wear for various occasions and mix and Denim Diary: My Most Worn Style of Jeans Jan 8, 2023 Series & Style I love a good pair of jeans. Apart from them being versatile and practical, they are excellent failproof. You can dress them up or wear them Shoe Edit: The Kat Maconie’s Willa Jan 15, 2021 Style A pair of cute Kat Maconie boots just came my way! Please continue reading to discover why I’m so in love with it. Most of us are already familiar Shoe Edit: H&M Leather Ankle Boots Oct 29, 2020 Style I recently purchased a pair of ankle leather boots from H&M in the colour beige, and I love it! The shoe fits true to size and has a hidden zip on