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The New Normal Feb 1, 2020 Series & Stories My mom called me several times earlier today while I was at work. I didn’t have time to go through my phone at the office because I had a lot to Chapter Four Jan 28, 2020 Hairline of Mistrust & Stories & Series I didn’t know whether to be comforted by that or not. I sniffed. I wasn’t ready for goodbye, not now or ever. I didn’t go out of my way for us to Chapter Three Jan 21, 2020 Hairline of Mistrust & Stories & Series I met Liv at a tech seminar in Abuja; where I was one of the guest speakers. She had approached me, complimented me on my brief speech, talked a bit Chapter Two Jan 14, 2020 Hairline of Mistrust & Stories & Series I was weary, I wanted us back too. I just wasn’t sure if we would still be us or things would ever remain the same. She had tried and failed to Chapter One Jan 7, 2020 Hairline of Mistrust & Stories & Series He was different in a way that said he was doing well. He looked yummy in his plain grey t-shirt and blue jeans - simplicity has always been his Waiting on Kamharida: Chapter Two Jun 29, 2019 Waiting on Kamharida & Stories & Series “Mom, come see! We’ve a new neighbour!” Jamal was ecstatic as he beckoned her with a wave of his hand. Ozaram and Deziri who were seeing a movie The Wait Jun 17, 2019 Series & Stories “Zorah, my dear, when you say you dey go camp again?” her mother asked as they feasted to a bowl of boiled rice, stew with eggs. “Mommy, I never get Moving Out Feb 17, 2018 Series & Stories I moved out of my parent’s house over a week ago- It is a six-bedroom apartment with a balcony in the outskirts of Lagos. Moving out from my