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How to Raise Issues Without Starting a Fight Feb 4, 2021 Thoughts In relationships, disagreements are likely to occur; verbal altercations, misunderstandings etc., between friends, family, or colleagues at work. Attitude: The Right Way of Doing Things May 3, 2018 Thoughts Certain things define your personality, and attitude (the right way of doing things) is one of them. Attitude is more than feelings, thoughts, or What Does It Mean To Give Someone Space Mar 14, 2018 Thoughts These are some of the questions you may ask yourself or your partner when they ask for ‘space’; no, it doesn’t necessarily mean the end of a Relationship Status: It Is Complicated Mar 14, 2018 Thoughts A relationship is complicated when expectations between partners are unclear or undefined, and it can be emotionally, mentally and physically Strength in My Weakness Feb 25, 2018 Thoughts A friend and I were talking about experiences and lessons learned when he asked what I would change if I could travel back in time. I paused and was