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Sunshine and Terracotta: What I Wore in Lisbon

Sunshine and Terracotta: What I Wore in Lisbon
Image credit: @amaka_adaora

The sound of a trip is exciting, especially to a place that's been on your travel list, waiting for you to cross it out; at the same time, planning for said trip can sometimes be overwhelming–from what to wear to ensuring you don't miss your flight to planning an itinerary. That's why I have a system of things I consider when planning any trip, with the weather being my most significant factor.

That said, when I was getting ready for my trip to Lisbon, I was so excited to have an immersive experience exploring the colourful city renowned for its iconic terracotta roofs and vibrant buildings while wallowing in the balmy spring sun.


As someone who loves to travel light, I made sure to check the weather forecast for my destination a week before my trip, three days before, and on the day of my journey (boy! was I glad to find that throughout my stay in Lisbon, it would be warm and sunny with temperatures as high as 26 degrees! 😁). This helped inform my decision on the right clothes to pack and plan for my activities accordingly.

So, apart from essential necessities like travel documents, travel-sized toiletries, and whatnot, I carried only what I needed. In my bag was a pair of black and blue denim shorts, three tops, a midi dress, two pairs of comfortable shoes, two bags, and some jewellery to zest up my outfits 😉. With my bags packed and ready to go, I was prepared to leave the cold, moody weather in the UK and fully embrace Lisbon's sunshine and blue skies, which beckoned to me with its arms wide open.