My Summer Skincare and Body Essentials

Image source: Photo by UzoamakaImage source: Photo by Uzoamaka

When I think of summer, I picture warm sunny days, vacations, beaches and sunscreens. I also think of dehydration, sweats, and sticky and oily skin, to name a few. haha I thought I’d share the skincare and body products I have been using on repeat. In no particular order, they are:


I was one of the doubting Thomas who didn’t believe in the effective use of sunscreen, especially on dark skin, till I experienced sunburn. Anyway, I learned the hard way. So now, I use products that contain at least SPF 30. For my body, I use VSP Botanics Ultra-Hydrating lotion, a water-based moisturiser, as it has SPF 50. I alternate between VSP Botanics Sunscreen, Black Girl Sunscreen and Skinceuticals Ultra Facial UV Defense Sunscreen for my skin.


To get rid of sweat and dirt, you need a gentle cleanser. I use the EltaMD Gentle foaming cleanser twice or thrice a day to cleanse my face depending on how hot the weather is.


With the weather comes thirst. So apart from staying hydrated by drinking water, I also use a lightweight moisturiser or a face mist to keep my skin hydrated, moisturised and refreshed.

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