My Favourite Bodycare Product

Photo by Simran Sood on UnsplashPhoto by Simran Sood on Unsplash

We often invest in our skin and forget to do the same for our bodies. Having a good body care routine leaves your skin feeling refreshed and healthy. Please continue reading to get a scoop on my favourite body care product and how I use them.


The first step in all regimens is to know your skin type. That way, you can tell what method, tools, and products work best for you. What exactly is exfoliation? Simply put, it means removing dead skin cells from the skin’s surface to improve your skin’s appearance and leave it looking brighter.
I use an exfoliating sponge and scrub to get rid of dead skin cells and improve circulation. I do this once a week.


For some reason, I have dry body skin. So I mostly use the Kayobody remodelling serum and the Kayo body beautiful oil in the morning and sometimes at night when I have the time. I love how lightweight and non-greasy it feels on my skin. In addition, they contain antioxidants, an omega oil blend, and coenzyme Q10, which nourishes my skin and leaves it glowy.


I love and use the Ultra-Hydrating lotion from VSP Botanics. It is a water-based moisturiser that contains SPF 50. I love how it leaves my skin feeling moisturised, hydrated and protected.

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