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Grandpa's Love Tale

Grandpa's Love Tale
Photo by Harli Marten / Unsplash

“Were you ever afraid of settling down with grandma?” I inquired as I handed my grandpa a glass of water and sat beside him on the wooden recliner chair. I was curious. I wanted to understand how my grandparents were still crazy in love with each other after so many years, what it was like for him, for them.

“No,” Grandpa replied, adjusting his hat as he watched the sunset.

He enjoys watching the setting sun every evening in his recliner chair that rocked back and forth noisily. I wonder if he was ever going to replace it.

“No?” I asked, almost rhetorically.

He cleared his throat, “I knew she was mine the moment I set my eyes on her.” His eyes crinkled at the side in fond memory, making him a bit younger than he appeared.

“That is such a fib! You all say that so we younger ones can hope and dream."

"I'm telling you, Omolola. I knew your grandma was mine the first time I saw her."

I knew he was serious whenever he said my full name, but just to be doubly sure, I watched his face to see if there was something that would give him away.

"Okay, say I believe you; how did you know? was it something you felt, something she did? You barely knew Grandma,” I asked, unsatisfied, wondering how on Earth he would have known.

“If you ask if my heart missed a beat the moment I met your grandma or if I saw a gigantic halo on her head… well, some people feel that way when they meet their SOs.” He winked at me when he said the words “SO.”

I laughed knowingly.

“Oh, yes! I know the meaning of SO.”

He grinned and continued, “My stomach didn't sink; my heart didn't skip a beat. In fact, what I felt was peace. A sudden calmness I'd never felt before. Everything stilled. And the only thing I saw was her. Your grandma had on an afro, and eh, she wore this eh.. flared jeans and platform shoe that made her three inches taller, what do you call it?" he thought for a moment, "Well, I can't remember the name of the shoe, but it was a pretty popular style."

"Really," surprised he could even remember what grandma had on.

"Lola, you may not understand what I am saying, but I feel at peace and home when I am with your grandma. Your grandma is my home, my everything. One day, I hope soon, you will find someone you can experience life with, and it will be fulfilling, and you will not have the words to describe it.”

I sat back and reflected on what he said, “So, she made it easy for you?” I arched my right brow questioningly.

“How could she have resisted my charms and rhymes?” he smiled. He continued, “I want to hear your grandma’s version of how we met. What did she tell you?”

Grandma was known for her dramatic use of exaggeration when narrating events. So we both knew her version would be picturesque. "I haven't asked her yet."

"Ah, I see." He smiled.

I leaned into the recliner chair, lolling in the setting sun with my grandpa.