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Taming the Mane: The Essential Tools for Natural Hair Care

Taming the Mane: The Essential Tools for Natural Hair Care
Photo by Adam Winger / Unsplash

Hello 👋 readers!

I hope you’re doing well 😊 . In my previous post, I shared some essential natural hair products for healthy hair. Today, I’d like to discuss some hair tools to help you care for your natural hair.

Microfiber Towel

A microfiber towel is a must-have in your hair kit. Not only does it absorb water and speed up drying time, but it’s also gentle on all hair types, tames frizz, and helps reduce static and breakage. I especially love the microfiber towel from Ruka hair.

Spray Bottle

Spray bottles are useful for applying liquids to your hair, such as water or a mix of leave-in conditioner and water.

I recommend the Ruka hair spray bottle because of its ergonomic design. You can give it a light press for a short burst of spray or hold it down for a continuous mist.

Combs and Brushes

Combs and brushes are essential for detangling and removing knots and tangles without causing damage to your hair.

They also help distribute products from roots to tips. Some examples include detangling brushes, wide-tooth combs, heat-resistant combs, hair picks, paddle brushes, and smoothing brushes.

Hair Cap

A good hair cap reduces friction and can minimize frizz and breakage. It can also be worn as a stylish accessory or as a nightcap since it is available in various colours, patterns, and styles.

Choose a hair cap made of delicate fabrics like silk or satin so your hair can glide smoothly without getting tangled or snagged.

Hair Clips and Pins

Hair clips and pins are great for styling, from sectioning hair for updos to creating ponies.

They come in various shapes, sizes, patterns, and types, such as bobby pins, claws, sectioning, and banana clips. They are versatile tools that can perform various functions in your hair routine.