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Attitude: The Right Way of Doing Things

Attitude: The Right Way of Doing Things
Photo by Clay Banks / Unsplash

Certain things define and influence our personality, and attitude (the right way of doing things) is one of them. Attitude is more than feelings, thoughts, or behaviour towards somebody or something. It defines your fulfilment and values. It’s expressed in how we speak, what we listen to and how we act.

Essentially, what you pay attention to, what you give your focus, or who you listen to affects your attitude and the content of your character. It is the reason why you can say something that is right the wrong way or mishears something.

The wrong attitude causes unhealthy competition, causes one to measure and compare himself with others and breeds contempt, envy and strife. Once you notice a negative attitude, it is practical to quickly get it out of your life using the right attitude. However, having the right attitude causes you to be attentive to details and do things excellently. Moreover, it produces promotion, grace and humility.

Question is, how do I be better?

You may examine yourself - your character, reaction or non-reaction to things/people. You can find out what influences you and your good and bad habits and begin to consciously replace your negative attitude with positive.

Also, choosing to be grateful in both the little things and the big things, in any situation is a start.